Please be patient while I keep modifying this site. I am obviously a much better glass artist than a web designer. Thankfully these sites make even an idiot savante such as myself seem proficient in a totally foreign area. The contact button will lead you to me if you feel the need to add bees to your home.


            At the moment I'm just about ready to scream.

Standing Bee in Copper with Amber Wings


             This is my cool bee.  For some stupid reason I can't  figure out how to get text next to it. Things seem to plunk down willy nilly and won't move to where I want them. Hence the silent screaming, since I'm in the library.  But I have loads of these to finish making so they'll bee under the tree for the holidays.









 We have bees that fly in your window or bees that stand on your shelf , and now bees that walk on the wall!


There are dark bees and light bees, and golden bees and iridized bees.


And they all have a dab of pollen on their backs like they just came in from the field gathering nectar.

They also all have stingers. But that's just because I'm a new beekeeper and I still don't trust them.

Others have said that the stingers are not out and ready for action all the time, but I've been surprised a couple too many times to not think of them as all sweetness and light, I know they are weaponized.